LIVE Kerala Lottery Result Today Akshaya AK 20/04/2024

The draw for the Kerala Lottery Result Today, specifically for Akshaya AK 644, is scheduled for today. The Winning Number can be checked after 2:55 pm when the Kerala Lottery Today Live broadcast begins. The Kerala Lotteries Result for today, on 24th March 2024, will be announced shortly thereafter. The live results for the Akshaya AK 644 lottery will commence at 2:55 pm, with the official result being published at 4 pm on Sunday. Today’s Kerala lottery result for the Akshaya lottery ticket draw, dated 24-03-2024, will take place at Gorky Bhavan, Near Bakery Junction, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram. For those eagerly awaiting today’s draw, the results of AK-644 on 24.03.2024 can be checked here. Stay updated on this page to catch the Kerala Lottery Akshaya Results Live.

Akshaya AK 644 Kerala Lottery Results:

PrizeAmountWinning Numbers
1st Prize₹75,00,000/-Wait
Consolation Prize₹8,000/-Wait
2nd Prize₹5,00,000/-Wait
3rd Prize₹1,00,000/-Wait
4th Prize₹5,000/-Wait
5th Prize₹2,000/-Wait
6th Prize₹1,000/-Wait
7th Prize₹500/-Wait
8th Prize₹100/-Wait

Akshaya AK Prize Details:

1st Prize₹70,00,000/-
Consolation Prize₹8,000/-
2nd Prize₹5,00,000/-
3rd Prize₹1,00,000/-
4th Prize₹5,000/-
5th Prize₹2,000/-
6th Prize₹1,000/-
7th Prize₹500/-
8th Prize₹100/-
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