Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 1:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 8:00 PM 20/04/2024

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Lottery NameNagaland State Lottery
Establishment Year1972
SupervisionState Government of Nagaland
Legal StatusLegal in Nagaland, India
Post NameNagaland Lottery Result Today
Ticket NameNagaland State Lottery
State NameNagaland State
Ticket PriceRs 6/-
1st PrizeRs 1,00,000,00
Result DateEveryday
Result Time01:00 PM, 06:00 PM, 08:00 PM

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Greetings, dear friends! Welcome to our platform for Nagaland State Lottery Results. If you’ve obtained a lottery ticket from the Nagaland State and are eager to check the results, you’ve landed on the perfect website. Here, you can conveniently view the outcomes of the Nagaland State Dear Lottery Sambad and even download the Nagaland State Lottery Result in PDF format.

The inception of the Nagaland State Lottery dates back to 1972 when it was initiated by the State Government. Playing lottery sambad tickets within the boundaries of Nagaland, India, is sanctioned by law.

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